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BackupPC configuration of Server and Client

We will now configure the server and backup client (in my case another centos server)   Firstly let’s generate a RSA key pair for the backuppc user on the backup server: ssh root@backup01 mkdir /var/lib/BackupPC/.ssh chown backuppc:backuppc /var/lib/BackupPC/.ssh chmod 700 /var/lib/BackupPC/.ssh   Now use the backuppc user to create a key pair: su -s /bin/bash backuppc   You will get a bash-4.1$ or something similar prompt: type: ssh-keygen -t dsa Press Enter a few times, […]

How to Install BackupPC on Centos 6.8

Enable Networking: How to Enable Static IP on Centos 6 Post Installation Configurations: How to configure Centos 6 after Installation Install and enable Epel Release: yum install epel-release -y   Install backuppc: yum install backuppc mod_perl mod_ssl -y It will install httpd, rsync and everything else it needs.   It’s installed a web server, but in order that we can browse it we have to at least open up port 80. In this case I […]